Award Winning Composer:

I have written many pieces for marimba solo for four and six mallets. I also have made duoes for vibraphone and marimba.

For larger scale orchestras, I have written for Symphony Orchestra, Wind Ensembles and Chamber Orchestras.

I also write for steelpan.

I accept commission of works.

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My music is available from

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Performances of my works:

April 2, 2023 Concerto for Timpani & Concert Band with Silpakorn University Wind Orchestra, Bangkok, Thailand with timpani soloist Paopun Amnatham from the Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra

August 26, 2023 Concerto for Marimba & Orchestra with Songkhla Philharmonic Orchestra, Thailand with marimba soloist Wannapha Yannavut from Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra

November 24 + 26, 2023 Concerto for Timpani & Symphony Orchestra with Orquesta Sinfónnica del Estado de Mexico with timpani soloist Sergio Quesada

January 2024, (planning) Concerto for Marimba & Orchestra with Wilmington Community Orchestra, USA with marimba soloist Scotty Horey

Concerto for marimba & orchestra,  the new prize winning composition at “Universal marimba Competition Belgium 2021”

Also available for Concert Band


Marimba (5 octaves – played with 4 mallets)


Obo 1-2

Clarinet in Bb 1-2

Basson 1-2

French Horn in F 1-2-3-4

Trumpet in Bb 1-2-3

Trombone 1-2




Percussion 1: Snare Drum

Percussion 2: Bass Drum, Glockenspiel, Vibraphone, Cowbell & Bongoes

Percussion 3: Cymbal, Xylophone, Triangel, Wood Blocks, Opera Gong & Low Tom

In 2022 I received a prize for my Concerto for Timpani & Orchestra “Knight of the Holy Kettles” from the International Composition Competition in Italy.

Also available for Concert Band


Timpani solo: 5 pedal timpanies (or 6 timpani if prefered)

Flute 1-2 Oboe 1-2

Clarinet 1-2 (B Flat) Bassoon 1-2

French Horn 1-2 (F) Trumpet 1-2 (B Flat)

Trombone 1-2



Bass Percussion 1: Side Drum + Marimba

Percussion 2: Bass Drum + Glockenspiel

Percussion 3: Cymbals The score is written in transposition Duration 16 ́ ́

My compositions is available from

List of compositions:

Concerto for marimba & aluphone with Orchestra (one soloist)

Hexaclavi, 2 six mallet marimba players and 10 piece percussion ensemble. Dedicated to Pei-Ching Wu and JU Percussion Group.

Spanish Dance for guitar

Zócalo Mexico, marimba & Symphony Orcehstra

Zócalo Mexico, marimba & Brass Band

Zócalo Mexico, marimba & Concert Band

Hexagram, marimba and Concert Band

Hexagram, marimba and Brass Band

Twin Piece, marimba and aluphone solo, (one player)

Hexagram, marimba solo, (6 mallets)

”Concierto Mexicano”. Concert for marimba & Symphony Orch

Octagram, marimba & big band

Pieces of Wood, sax & marimba duo

Triglyf I, marimba solo

Triglyf II, marimba & cajon

Libertango by Piazolla, arr: vibraphone & marimba

Zita, marimba solo, (6 mallets)

Asturias Leyenda by Albeniz, arr: for marimba

Flight 206 to Paris for percussion ensemble in Puerto Rico

Cumbia, marimba solo (6 mallets)

Kais Mambo, marimba solo

Lluvia en la Selva, voice and marimba

Salsa Mexicana, marimba solo (6 mallets)

Spanish Dance, marimba solo

Manzanilla, marimba solo (6 mallets)

Lain Nebaj, marimba solo (6 mallets)

Recuerdos de Mexico, marimba & marimba quintet

Frutta Fresca, vibrafon & marimba duo

Rain Forest, sax & marimba duo

El Zocalo for marimba quartet

Fiesta en la Selva for steelband